For Sale

We Take COVID-19 Seriously.
ALL Visitors are Required to Wear Properly Fitted Masks
Covering Nose and Mouth While on Our Property.

We are a private breeding farm, not a petting zoo. For liability reasons,
children are not permitted inside the fences with the donkeys.

Bring someone with you to look after any children you may bring with you.

Our jennets presented us with five foals so far in 2021, with one last one expected any day now. However, as part of downsizing our lives, we are selling all of our mini donkeys and closing down our breeding business. On the evening of 9/20/2021, we announced 8 donkeys for sale to our mailing list. As of September 21, all are sold or reserved with deposit.  That was fast! Wow!

THF Mini Donkeys Sale List

When that sixth 2021 foal is born, we’ll send another notice with info and pictures. It’s also possible some sales may not end up happening for one reason or another. In such cases, those animals may again become available. Sign up for our mailing list below if you want to get updates in your inbox.

If we don’t have what you are looking for, our friend and fellow breeder, Lynda Smet of Windermeer Farm in Amissville, VA, may have animals available for sale. Her number is 540-937-5146.

Foals offered for sale require a non-refundable deposit of $100,
and cannot leave their mothers until at least four months of age.
We don’t accept deposits on foals until they are on the ground and thriving.

Last Update: 9/21/2021